The Java REST client example page summarizes all REST client examples and tutorials with libraries, frameworks such as Netflix Feign, Retrofit 2, Unirest, Resteasy, Jersey, Spring RestTemplate, etc.

1. Java REST client example

1.1. Square OkHttp

OkHttp Post Examples

Java REST Client Examples Using OkHttp

Basic Authentication with OkHttp Example

Download a File with OkHttp

Upload a File with OkHttp

Set Timeout with OkHttp

WebSocket Client Example with OkHttp

How to Cache Response with OkHttp

1.2. Netflix Feign

Java REST Client Using Netflix Feign

Basic Authentication with Open Feign

File Uploading with Open Feign

Using Netflix Feign with Spring Cloud

1.3. Unirest

Java REST Client Using Unirest Java API

Set Timeouts with Unirest for Java

Configure Basic Authentication on Unirest for Java

1.4. Retrofit 2

How To Post JSON With Retrofit

How to Post with Retrofit 2

Java REST Client Example With Retrofit 2

1.5. Spring RestTemplate

Java REST Client Using Spring RestTemplate

1.6. Resteasy

Java REST Client Using Resteasy Client

Java REST Client Using Resteasy Client Proxy Framework

1.7. Jersey

Java REST Client Using Jersey Client

1.8. Apache CXF

Java REST Client Using Apache CXF Proxy based API

1.9. Apache HttpComponent

Java REST Client Using Apache HttpClient

1.10. With package

Simple Java REST Client Using package

1.11. Java 9 HTTP 2 Client API

Java 9 HTTP/2 Client API Example

1.12. Spring 5 WebClient

Reactive HTTP Client With Spring 5 WebClient

2. JSON Java Example

JSON libraries often used with Java REST clients in serialization and deserialization

Convert Java Object to JSON and Vice Versa

JsonObject Example – Getting Started with Java API for JSON Processing

Gson Example with Maven and Gradle

Ignore or Exclude Field in Gson

Ignore Unknown Properties or New Fields in Jackson

Get JSON Pretty Print Output with Gson and Jackson