This page is intended for all Vagrant tutorials and examples including Vagrant installation, Vagrant virtual machines, Vagrant boxes and advance Vagrant.

Vagrant Tutorial - Vagrant Logo

1. Vagrant Installation

Contains guidelines to install and uninstall Vagrant on multiple platforms.

Install Vagrant on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)

Uninstall Vagrant on Ubuntu 16.04

2. Vagrant Command Line Interfaces

Basic Vagrant Commands

3. Vagrant Box

Guidelines and tutorials related to Vagrant boxes

How to Add a Vagrant Box from Local or Remote

4. Vagrant Virtual Machine

Includes tutorials relate to virtual machines created by Vagrant.

Running Vagrant SSH on Windows

Set Name, Number of CPUs, Memory and GUI Mode for Vagrant Virtual Machines

5. Advance

Advanced Vagrant tutorials

Vagrant Docker Provider Tutorial

Where Does Vagrant Store Its Boxes After Downloading?

How To Change Vagrant Virtual Machine Name

Copy Files and Folders From Host To Guest In Vagrant