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Vagrant – Copy Files and Folders From Host To Guest

1. Overview This tutorial will show how to copy files and folders from host to guest in Vagrant. 2. Copy Files and Folders from Host to Guest in Vagrant 2.1. Using Synced Folders or Shared Folders Synced folders or Shared… Continue Reading →

How To Change Vagrant Virtual Machine Name

In this quick tutorial, we’re going to get through how to change Vagrant virtual machine name in VirtualBox GUI. This will help us identify the VM easily. By default, Vagrant sets the name of the virtual machine to the containing… Continue Reading →

Where Does Vagrant Store Its Boxes After Downloading?

This quick tutorial is going to cover about where does Vagrant store its boxes after downloading. 1. Where does Vagrant store its boxes? By default, Vagrant stores its boxes after downloading in the directory defined by VAGRANT_HOME environment variable. As… Continue Reading →

Set Name, Number of CPUs, Memory and GUI Mode for Vagrant Virtual Machines

This quick tutorial is going to illustrate how to set name, number of CPUs, memory and GUI mode for Vagrant virtual machines. 1. Set Name for Virtual Machines We can set name for virtual machines that appear in the VirtualBox… Continue Reading →

Uninstall Vagrant on Ubuntu 16.04

This quick tutorial covers how to uninstall Vagrant on Ubuntu 16.04. This is useful for those who want to remove Vagrant from their machines or simply want to upgrade to the new version of Vagrant. 1. Overview First of all,… Continue Reading →

Running Vagrant SSH on Windows

This tutorial is going to cover shortly about running vagrant ssh on windows by different approaches. Probably, this will be useful when you want to use vagrant ssh command to ssh directly to your Vagrant box on Windows. 1. Problem… Continue Reading →

Vagrant Docker Provider Tutorial

Vagrant, a great tool for managing lifecycle of virtual machines, is not the same with Docker, another great tool for building and  running software container. In this tutorial, I’d like to introduce about Vagrant Docker Provider which allow our development… Continue Reading →

Install Vagrant on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)

In this post, I’d like to show how to install Vagrant on Ubuntu 16.04. We may have 2 approaches to install Vagrant on Ubuntu. Use apt-get to install Vagrant from the repository of the distribution Download proper binary package from… Continue Reading →

Vagrant Command-Line Interface

This quick tutorial is going to cover about Vagrant Command-Line interface through which almost all interaction with Vagrant is done. 1. Common Vagrant Commands 1.1. Get Vagrant version


The output should be similar to below:

These… Continue Reading →

How to Add a Vagrant Box from Local or Remote

This article is going to cover shortly how to add a Vagrant box from local or remote. The remote boxes are referred to the boxes needed to be installed via HTTP while the local boxes are boxes can be installed… Continue Reading →

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