My blog contains many articles about Apache Kafka. To make it easy for you to get to know Apache Kafka, this page is organized to be contained all Apache Kafka tutorial.

Apache Kafka Tutorial - Apache Kafka

If you’re new, you may want to install Apache Kafka, try with producer and consumer. In such cases, you can start with following Apache Kafka tutorials:

Getting started with Apache Kafka 0.9

Install Apache Kafka On Windows

Apache Kafka Command Line Interface

If you want to setup a cluster using Apache Kafka Docker, you can refer to below tutorial:

Using Apache Kafka Docker

If you’re a Java developer and want to produce or consume message from Apache Kafka broker, you can continue with following tutorials:

Apache Kafka 0.9 Java Client API Example

If you want more customization like writing custom partitioner,  serializer and create multi-thread  Kafka consumer, you can follow tutorials:

Create Multi-threaded Apache Kafka Consumer

Write An Apache Kafka Custom Partitioner

How To Write A Custom Serializer in Apache Kafka

If you want new features in Apache Kafka 0.9/0.10 like Kafka Connect and Kafka Streams, you can find below tutorials.

Apache Kafka Connect Example

Apache Kafka Connect MQTT Source Tutorial

Below is a tutorial on using Apache Flume Kafka Source and HDFS Sink.

Apache Flume Kafka Source And HDFS Sink Tutorial

Using Kafka with Spring Framework

Spring Kafka Tutorial

Spring Kafka Tutorial – Multi-threaded Message Consumption