1. Overview

This tutorial will cover quickly how to set up a Gson example with Maven and Gradle so that you can get started with more useful features of Gson.

2. Gson example with Maven and Gradle

The only one dependency of Gson we will need is com.google.code.gson. So, we will have it in the Maven POM file and Gradle build file as the followings:

2.1. Using Gson with Maven

2.2. Using Gson with Gradle

2.3. Gson Examples

2.3.1. Convert primitive types to Json

Here are some examples of converting primitive types to Json.

2.3.2. Convert Json string to primitive types

2.3.1. Convert a Java object to Json

Assume that we have a User class as below:

To convert a User object to Json

To convert a Json string to a User object

3. Summary

We just got through how to setup a Gson example with Maven and Gradle. We also got through several basic examples with Gson. We can see that it is very easy and simple to initialize a Gson object and convert Java objects to Json string and vice versa. I’d like to share more about Gson tutorial in future posts.

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