Where is Gradle Cache Location

Gradle Cache Location or Gradle local repository is the location where Gradle maintain its cache, which includes all dependencies Gradle downloads from repositories when we build any project, for reusing in the next times we run the build again.

1.  Gradle Cache Location

Gradle uses $USER_HOME/.gradle as the default directory to store its local cache.

So, if you’re in Linux system: ~/.gradle

If you’re in Windows, it should be: C:\Users\[Your_Username]\.gradle

For example,

In my Windows 10, the location is: C:\Users\geeksgn\.gradle

In my Ubuntu 16.04, the location is: /home/geeksgn/.gradle

2.  Change Gradle Cache Location

We can change the Gradle Cache Location to some other directory by setting the environment variable GRADLE_USER_HOME
For example,

2.1. In Linux

Edit the /etc/profile by any editor such as: vim, nano, etc and append following line at the end of the file.

Then, issue below command make the environment variables effectively.

2.2. In Windows

2.2.1. In Windows 7, right click My Computer and select Properties > Advanced.
In Windows 8, Windows 10,  go to Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings.

2.2.2. Under System Variables, click New

2.2.3. In the Variable Name field, enter GRADLE_USER_HOME

2.2.4. In the Variable Value field, enter your desire folder, for ex: D:\Misc\Gradle

Change Gradle Cache Location in Windows

Change Gradle Cache Location in Windows

2.2.5.Click OK

2.3. Verification

You can verify again by open a new terminal, go to any Gradle project and run some Gradle tasks. Then check the new location where you have just set for the GRADLE_USER_HOME variable.

3. Summary

We have just learned about Gradle Cache Location or Gralde local repository which is the location where Gradle store its libraries, dependencies during the builds of project. We also learned about how to change the default Gradle cache location to other directory by setting the environment variable.

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